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Steve Noller's 440

This new 440 engine was built and fitted with Edelbrock heads, forged pistons and an hydraulic cam. The motor was outputting between 475 - 500hp. The pictures below show the engine as it neared completion, with the final one showing it on the test rig.

Nick Gunby's 347ci Ford

This freshly built 347ci stroked small block Ford took residence in Nick's '91 Mustang, as seen here.

The engine has since been sold on to Dean Roberts, whose '70 Mustang can be seen here.

Roger Cartwright's 383

Destined for Roger's '70 Dodge Superbee, this 383 had been fully rebuilt.

The engine has now been installed, click here for more.

Engine rebuilds and engine bay tidying

Engine rebuilding and engine bay tidying is a speciality. Here are just a few examples of our past work.

More examples
This 440 Six Pack was built for a customers Dodge Charger and ran a best ET of 12.75sec. We also converted it from automatic to manual.

This 440 Six Pack produced 475hp on the dyno.

This 493 was fitted with 440-1 heads and a 0.625" roller cam. It produced 650hp with 650lbs of torque.

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