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440 for '71 Cuda

This 440 features an hydraulic cam, unported Edelbrock heads, a single plain intake and a double pumer carb. Dyno tests resulted in 480hp at 5400rpm and 500ft/lbs of torque at 4100rpm. The engine is destined to power a four speed '71 Plymouth Barracuda.


Adam Mabbot's 440

With an hydraulic cam, mildly ported Edelbrock heads and a single plain intake, this 440 is good for approx 500hp.

Mojo's 493

Based on a 440 block, this 493ci motor features Indy SR heads and a roller cam, outputting approx 600hp. This engine was for Mojo's '70 Duster, which can be seen here.

Andy Bosomworth's 273

This is an all fresh 273 which was assembled to stock specs for Andy's Dart, as seen here.

Martin's 383

As you can see this 383 came to us a little worn out and in need of some attention.

The engine was fully rebuilt with forged pistons, an M/P cam, a Holley intake and an Edelbrock carb. Click here to see Martin's Charger which this powers.

Dave Billadeau's 572ci HEMI

This is the motor powering Dave's GTX in 2007. The all aluminium 572ci HEMI is producing upwards of 800hp.

A winter rebuild saw the HEMI gain some colour after being powder coated ready for the 2008 season.


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