All the owners of the cars here are more than willng to vouch for the quality of work carried out by Billadeau Speed & Automotive


Paul Carter's '67 Ford Mustang

Paul's Mustang came to us after a few problems were highlighted during it's M.O.T.. We put things right again and also improved the 351ci Windsor engine's performance with a slight tune up.

The Mustang returned in 2010 for another round of M.O.T. work, the brakes were overhauled and some wiring trouble was also solved.

Richard Granger's '69 Plymouth Road Runner

After suffering fuel pump problems Richard called us for help. After solving this issue, a little tune up was completed and a charging problem was also sorted.

Further work to the Road Runner includes a Billadeau built 440 Six Pack with ported heads, forged pistons and Scat rods. It produced 475hp on the dyno, 530lb torque. The rear axle was also rebuilt. As of May 2010, Richard has run a personal best of 11.8 sec.

'65 Plymouth Fury

This 1965 Fury III featured a 318, auto trans and weld wheels. Bought in and sold after wiring and a few other small jobs. It's now in the ownership of American Super Stock regular, Brian Wood.


Dave Billadeau's '70 Road Runner project

Dave's latest challenge! A real Air Grabber car. This is going to be restored and kitted out with a 440 Six Pack.

Richard Granger took this restoration project from Dave's hands at the end of 2011 after selling his '69 Road Runner, as seen above.

Mojo's '70 Plymouth Duster

This Duster was built and owned by Dave Billadeau over 10 years a go. It's had a few owners since Dave sold it on but Mojo's added some nice touches to the car while still keeping the car period. Mojo brought the car in for a new 493ci engine, which can be seen here. The car has run a best E.T. of 10.1 seconds.

Chris Goodale's '70 Dodge Charger HEMI

This stunning Charger is home to a MP472 Crate HEMI, which was brought to us for a rebuild. It recorded 530hp on the dyno with 530ft/lbs of torque. The engine was finished to give a factory appearance. The rear axle was also rebuilt.

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