All the owners of the cars here are more than willng to vouch for the quality of work carried out by Billadeau Speed & Automotive


Mojo's '65 Plymouth Satellite

Mojo's Satellite, which features signwriting and gold leaf by Craig Ainge, came to us for wiring faults and a freshening up of it's 440 motor.

Dave's '66 Dodge Coronet

Another addition to the Billadeau stable. The ex-Gerry the Gerbil Coronet received a fresh 440, which made 485hp on the dyno, and another top signwriting job by Craig Ainge. Ol' Scatter Bolts is running consistent 11.7s on the strip.

Adam's '66 Ford Mustang

For Adam's Mustang we rebuilt the 289ci engine and fitted a new exhaust.

Dave's '67 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon

Yet another new Billadeau toy. This freshly imported station wagon became the home to a pro-charged 452ci big block. Based on a 400ci block and fitted with Edelbrock heads, coupled to a 727 transmission and Dana 60 axle, the motor produced 703HP with 720lbs of torque. Wheels up launches are no problem for this heavyweight!

Rob & Jake's '62 Dodge Dart

'Flag Jumper' joins the Super Stock scene with a Craig Ainge & Billadeau period signwriting job. A 360ci motor has been purchased ready for a future upgrade.

John's 'General Lee' Charger

The General paid us a visit for wiring and interior work.


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