All the owners of the cars here are more than willng to vouch for the quality of work carried out by Billadeau Speed & Automotive


Steve Neimantas's '70 Dodge Challenger 440
Billadeau Speed rewired this Challenger, performed a general service, did some minor body work and completely overhauled the gearbox.

Chris Froggatt's '64 Plymouth Belvedere
Hot rod artist Chris 'Fat Frog' Froggatt brought his Belvedere to us for the 383 motor to be rebuilt. Other work carried out included the painting and rewiring of the engine bay.

Pat Bedford's '68 Dodge Charger
Billadeau Speed fitted the engine and transmission to Pat's Charger. A roll cage was also installed, the car was fully rewired and the Bumble Bee stripe was also applied.

Niall Montgomery's '69 Plymouth Road Runner
Niall's Road Runner recieved a freshly built 493 with Indy EZ heads and a roller cam.

Brad Horn's '71 Dodge Challenger

Before this Challenger was sold on to Brad it was owned by Dave himself, who performed a full restoration. Bodywork, paint, interior and the 440 Magnum engine were all given attention. The car was originally a 318 and blue with a white vinyl roof.

Mick Elsworth's '68 Dodge Coronet

Mick's Coronet underwent a full restoration at Billadeau Speed. The 440 engine, built to stock appearance, features forged pistons and a hydraulic cam. The body was fully restored and painted in original TT1 Light Metallic Green, with a bumble bee stripe also made up and applied.

Further work in July '07 included changing the gears from 323 to 391, which saw ETs drop from 14.1s to 13.6s, and also MOT work on the front brakes and bottom ball joints.

UPDATE: At the 2012 August bank holiday weekend round of American Super Stock, Mick had a slight skirmish with another car. Billadeau Speed was able to help Mick begin the road to repair before the car was taken to Ash Rawson's bodyshop for a new side to be fitted.

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