All the owners of the cars here are more than willng to vouch for the quality of work carried out by Billadeau Speed & Automotive


Dan Wolski's '72 Plymouth Duster

Dan, a.k.a. Tomby, brought his Duster to us for engine work. The 360 engine was fully rebuilt with forged pistons, ported heads, a hydraulic cam along with a 3" exhaust, making the car good for 13.3 Sec ETs. The engine bay was painted and the graphics were also created and applied.

Scott Billadeau's '69 Plymouth Road Runner

Part of the Billadeau Mopar collection, Scott's 720hp Road Runner has a Billadeau built 540 MP Mega block with Lunati crank, Ross pistons, Crower roller cam, Manley rods, Indy CNC 440-1 heads and Dominator carb. As of April '07 the car had run a best of 10.7@128mph.

Other work included bodywork, fitting the roll bar and wiring.

The re-freshed engine for 2011 can be seen here.

Colin Gardner's '69 Plymouth Road Runner
Colin's Road Runner, a regular competitor in American Super Stock, is powered by a Billadeau 440 engine.

Craig Fearnley 's '69 Dodge Dart GTS

The original 340ci block of Craig's Dart was rebuilt and fitted with a Herbert cam with 480-degree lift, new valves and Manley pushrods. The car was featured in the March '07 issue of American Car World.

The 340 has since been replaced with a 408ci small block with a 550 lift cam and iron heads. The first run at York Raceway's Easter '07 RWYB resulted in a 12.9 second E.T. with more predicted.

Chris Wilson's '67 Dodge Coronet

A freshly built 0.030 over-bored 383ci block was installed in Chris's Coronet. The engine featured Keith Black pistons, a 484 cam and 906 heads, among many other mods, resulting in 400bhp and 13.3 second E.T.'s on the strip. The car was also featured in the March '07 issue of ACW.

Brian Wood's Dodge Charger

Bri's Charger was fitted with a new 440 motor featuring ported Edelbrock heads, forged pistons and a big hydraulic cam. The engine is producing in the range of 525 - 550hp. Super stock springs were also fitted. Click on the images below for a closer look.

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