All the owners of the cars here are more than willng to vouch for the quality of work carried out by Billadeau Speed & Automotive


Jerry Smith's '68 Plymouth Road Runner

The 'Grim Beeper' paid a visit to Billadeau Speed for work on the front end suspension and steering, in preparation for the '07 Mopar Nats.

Andy Curuthers's '65 Dodge Coronet
Andy's Coronet underwent a full wiring job from scratch.

Bal's '71 Dodge Challenger

The rag top Challenger saw all new bushes fitted to the front suspension along with new shocks, a new steering box, new carb and a rear anti-roll bar. Work was also carried out on the electronic ignition, brakes and the front suspension and steering were also set up.

Brian Wood's '69 Dodge Coronet

Having sold his '68 Charger Bri acquired this Coronet from Duncan Watts, who imported it into the country. The car came straight to us for MOT work, wiring and to fit ally heads. With iron heads, the car has previously run into the 10.9s in the States...

Doug's '72 Dodge Dart

This Dart was fitted with a B&M shifter along with a Mopar electronic ignition kit.

Graham Lennox's '68 Plymouth Road Runner

Billadeau Speed supplied and fitted Superstock rear springs to Graham's Road Runner, along with a Suregrip in the axle. The engine bay also recieved some attention with the wiring been tidied up.

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