All the owners of the cars here are more than willng to vouch for the quality of work carried out by Billadeau Speed & Automotive


Melvyn Cartwright's '68 Plymouth GTX

Melvyn's 4 speed GTX came to us for a engine rebuild and engine bay tidy up . The first set of photos show how the GTX arrived...

The 440 was built with INDY EZ heads, an 850 Holley, hydraulic cam, six pack rods, steel crank and SRP Pistons. The engine, seen here, produced 510hp with 530 ft/lbs torque. The engine bay was painted, the fuel system was upgraded, a new clutch & exhaust were fitted along with a six pack scoop and the wiring was also sorted.

Julian Clark's '68 Plymouth Road Runner

This 4 speed Road Runner was fitted with a 452 motor, built from a 400 block, featuring INDY EZ heads, hydraulic cam, Diamond pistons and an 850 double pumper. Billadeau Speed refitted the engine & trans and upgraded the fuel system.

Dave's own 'budget' racer '69 Plymouth Satellite

Built as a budget alternative to his monster GTX, it features a real solid shell, a Billadeau 440, auto trans and an 8 3/4 rear end. It ran a best of 13.2@102mph.

Mike Johnson's '68 Dodge Charger

Mike's 440 Charger received a full engine rebuild, incorporating mild cam forged pistons. Along with the usual high spec rebuild, the engine bay was rewired, the transmission was rebuilt and it was converted to new disc brakes.

Matt's '69 Plymouth GTX

Another 440 rebuild from Billadeau Speed, with Scat rods, J.E. pistons, Comp Cams hydraulic cam, Crane rocker arms, Arp bolts and ported heads. A real strong 440, now mounted in the GTX's repainted and fully rewired engine bay. Just check the before and after pics below!

Rick Peabody's '77 Pontiac Trans Am

Rick brought his Trans Am to us for a full restoration which was completed in January 2009. For full details of the project click here.

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